Thursday, November 11, 2010

Faith Walk- Part 2...Finally. ;)

Well, here I am again. Finally posting about the second half of faith walk. I can pretty much can guarantee this will be much shorter than the last one since I have waited so long to finish posting about it.

Faith Walk was absolutely incredible. The family who picked us up was so sweet and they blessed us tremendously and we we're able to bless them as well.

Freddy and Genna are the amazing people that stopped curiously to find out why there were 5 young people passed out on the side of the road. haha!

So the 5 of us and the 2 of them all got into their truck. They asked us a series of questions of what the heck we were doing. They both made us laugh so hard we all nearly peed our pants. Also, it only took about 10 minutes of being in the truck for them to offer to bring us to lunch. (Chinese, yeah we actually prayed for a chinese buffet earlier in the day.)So yes, they took us to a chinese buffet when they said that I'm pretty sure Chad and I almost cried. ;) They offered for all of us to stay in their home that night and they wanted us to come to their church, do some worship, and help with some renovation stuff the next day.

All day long we just walked not knowing what was going to happen next, if we were going eat, be able to actually use the restroom in a restroom, or get more water. Then suddenly, the plans for the whole weekend were just laid out right in front of us. What an experience of God's provision! All of this happening... seriously I was holding back tears. Not to mention, Freddy and Genna were so FLIPPIN HILARIOUS that we were all crying from laughing as well.

My favorite part...

By the end of the day we met the whole family. They have 4 boys. Talk about an awesome family! From youngest to oldest, Rowdy, Jesse, Colton, and Braxton. We got to spend lots of just quality time with the family. We ate food, played football, we helped on some renovations on their house. We tore up the back porch... Demolition... Super fun! ;)

We loved them so much we could have stayed with them forever. We still plan to go back sometime soon. God moved in many ways within the family, it was so awesome to see that. Also, God majorly moved in our hearts.

It was absolutely incredible! Praise God for using us and providing for us!

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