Saturday, September 25, 2010

After School Kids...LOVE THEM!!

On Thursday afternoon we drove out to the Dream Center. (I think I might have explained what the dream center is before but just in case I never did... The Dream Center is a community center in the most criminalized area of Tulsa. Since Pastors Billy Joe and Sharon opened the dream center the criminal statistics have lowered significantly in that area, PRAISE GOD! The center is a food bank, after school program, attorney assistance, and many other different types of outreaches for this area.) This particular day we helped in the after school program. We tutored the kids and assisted in any homework that they needed to do. This outreach was awesome! One of my favorites so far. I sat down with two second graders, Jazmine and Demeaco. It was so fun helping and getting to know them. I was able to help out with their math homework. And yes I was secretly praising God for the math because if it had been history or science they probably would have needed to help me instead. ;) I can't wait to go back and see the both of them again. This ministry is great way to be mentors to these kids who so desperately need positive influences in their lives!!

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